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With many people throughout the world now fully fledged vegans, it is becoming very common to find vegan recipes for treats, such as hot chocolate. 

If you are vegan, or you are simply wanting to cut down on the amount of animal products that you consume, below is a great recipe for vegan hot chocolate. You can thank us later! 

How to make vegan hot chocolate.

Making a cup of delicious vegan hot chocolate is now easier than ever. Before instant drinking chocolate, one would need to source meltable vegan chocolate, raw sugar or sweetener, high quality cocoa powder and a dairy-free milk substitute.

Luckily, you can now purchase fully vegan instant hot chocolate mixes online. Our hot chocolate mixes contain only the highest quality vegan ingredients, hand-picked from both local and global sources.

The best part? You can have a mug of hot chocolate heaven that tastes even better than regular hot chocolate within minutes!

All you have to do is mix 4-6 scoops of any of our vegan hot chocolate mixes with a cup of your choice of heated dairy-free milk substitute. We love using almond or cashew milk for a little extra creaminess!

We have a wide range of vegan products available. Choose from delicious flavours like Milky Bar White Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, Roasted Hazelnut Truffle, Caramel Fudge and more. Scroll down below to shop our exciting range of creamy hot chocolate mixes.

For added decadence and tastiness, why not top off your hot chocolate with some coconut whipped cream? This is the perfect treat for cold, winter evenings or to serve your guests at a dinner party. 

Why would you go for vegan hot chocolate compared to normal hot chocolate?

Vegan hot chocolate is made generally with almond, cashew or soy milk which are all a much healthier alternative to dairy milk. If you decide to add on some coconut cream, this is a much better alternative to dairy cream. 

Vegan chocolate also does not contain any animal products and is much easier for the human body to digest. 

Non-dairy milk or ‘mylk’, too, is much easier to digest and can be less calorie-dense than its dairy counterpart. 

Finally, the vast majority of people who have tried vegan hot chocolate state that it actually tastes better than regular hot chocolate! So, you have the health, as well as the taste, benefit with vegan hot chocolate. 

Benefits for going vegan.

Vegan diets are now becoming more widespread and there is good reason for it. Apart from the obvious health benefits, eating a vegan diet means that your food is varied, tasty and colorful. 

Vegan diets, by their very nature, contain more wholegrain carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. When you feel like eating a meat substitute, these products consist mainly of soya, beans or tofu, which are much healthier than animal proteins. 

Nutritional experts recommend getting your daily minerals and vitamins from the food you eat, and not from supplements. With a vegan diet, it is easy to achieve this as the vegan diet is rich in many nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

If you would like to lose a bit of weight, a vegan diet can help you to achieve your weight loss goals much quicker. This is because a vegan diet does not contain that fatty animal products, rich dairy foods and other animal-based products that are very high in calories. 

The average vegan diet helps you to feel fuller for longer, making you less likely to want to snack on unhealthy treats. 

Another important benefit of following a vegan diet is its impact on your blood sugar levels. Generally speaking, diets that are rich in animal proteins and refined carbohydrates, cause blood sugar levels to spike sharply and then fall dramatically in a short space of time. 

The low GI foods in a vegan diet cause gradual increases and subsequent decreases in blood sugar levels, making it perfect if you are diabetic or are worried about developing this condition. 

Since a vegan diet contains plenty of lean, vegetable proteins and nutrient-rich foods, it may help your body to build up a natural defense against some of the common cancers and other serious health conditions. 

People who have high levels of the “bad” cholesterol normally do well on a vegan diet as they are eating foods that naturally lower the bad cholesterol. Over time, this can help prevent heart disease and even stroke. 

Finally, being a vegan can help to reduce the pain suffered from arthritis as the diet is rich in foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Time to switch your regular hot chocolate for a vegan hot chocolate? Browse our wide range of premium vegan hot chocolate products below.

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