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It is difficult to find anyone who doesn’t like popcorn. This versatile treat has been around for many years and can be made and eaten in several different ways. 

Whether you like your popcorn lightly salted or smothered in caramel, it is always a tasty treat.

Let’s take a look at some great ways for you to become a seasoned popcorn veteran…

What is good seasoning for popcorn?

It all depends on what your personal preferences are! 

Some people like seasoning their popcorn with plain old sea salt and a little melted butter. This old combination is definitely a goodie and can give your popcorn a light and deliciously savoury taste. 

Another popular seasoning for popcorn is Aromat. Most South Africans have a bottle of Aromat in their pantries and this gives popcorn a great, alternative taste. The only problem? Aromat is renowned for its negative health effects.

Like something a little stronger in taste? Why not try salt and vinegar seasoning for a tangy treat? Or cream cheese and chives?

A trick that many popcorn aficionados use is to mix two flavours for a popcorn taste explosion.

Of course, if you want to have a sweet popcorn treat, this is possible as well. Some popcorn lovers like to melt chocolate or caramel and then pour this over their freshly-made popcorn. You will then need to allow it to cool, either in the fridge or for a few minutes in the freezer if you are in a hurry to eat your popcorn! An easier option? Try our deliciously sweet caramel popcorn spice.

How do you get seasoning to stick to the popcorn?

This is a common question and a regular issue among people who enjoy their popcorn. 

With many people now making their popcorn in the microwave or in a popcorn machine, no oil is used and this makes it difficult for the spices and seasonings to stick to the popcorn.

A trick that many popcorn lovers use to ensure that seasonings stick is to add them in immediately after the popcorn has been made. The steam from the popcorn will help them to adhere much better. If you have left it too late, try spraying it very lightly with a bit of olive oil and then adding in the seasoning. 

How to get your homemade popcorn to taste like cinema style seasoned popcorn.

The best way to make cinema style popcorn is to make it from scratch. We recommend starting by melting 3 tablespoons of real butter in a pot on the stove. 

Once your butter has melted completely, add in a little salt (or another kind of seasoning, if you prefer). 

Now you are ready to add in your kernels. Add them in all at once and shake them around so that they are evenly spread on the base of the pot. 

Be sure to leave the lid on your pot and allow the kernels to start popping. Once the kernels have all popped, pour your popcorn into a bowl and immediately add a cinema-style popcorn mix. Scroll down to shop our exciting range of popcorn spices today!

It is recommended that you eat the popcorn as soon as it is made as this is when it tastes the best. A top tip is to make you popcorn just before you need it so that it is fresh and tasty!

And the best part? This method is much cheaper than buying packets of microwave popcorn and yields much more popcorn. The only downside is that you will have a pot to wash, but this is a small price to pay for professional-tasting popcorn! 

What makes popcorn chewy?

Another common question is why popcorn can sometimes be quite chewy. 

There is an easy explanation for this because popcorn consists mainly of hardened starch with a small quantity of moisture. 

This tiny amount of moisture is actually contained within the popcorn kernel and when the temperature in your microwave or stove rises, the moisture will turn to steam and result in a pressure build up until it pops. 

When popcorn kernels burst, they release steam. When this steam remains in the pot or popcorn container, it will steam your popped kernels and make them tougher and chewier. 

If you want to avoid chewy popcorn, you could eat your freshly-made popcorn from a paper bag as this will absorb any excess moisture. Alternatively, you could make your popcorn in the oven on a cookie sheet and a low heat for 3 to 5 minutes. This will help to avoid chewiness and will ensure that the popcorn is just the right consistency. 

Looking for the perfect popcorn seasoning? Shop our range of premium products below.

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